FORUM DISTRIBUTION ESTONIA is a distribution company representing Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures in Estonia. Besides working with major Hollywood studios we get involved with helping to distribute the films of „independent“ production companies. We currently have active partnerships with a Lithuanian distribution company Prior Enterntainment and Estonian distribution company BigSales.

Our slate of films distributed so far involves box office hits like MINIONS (2015), JURASSIC WORLD (2015), FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015), EVEREST (2015). We hold the rights for beloved film franchises like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, FAST AND FURIOUS, TERMINATOR, TED, TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, BRIDGET JONES, JASON BOURNE, JACK REACHER, DESPICABLE ME, SPONGE-BOB and many more. We also distributed the all time #1 film in Estonia – the local comedy CLASS REUNION („Klassikokkutulek“) that is now the first film ever to hit ONE MILLION EUROS in Estonian Box Office.


Our films are screened by our dear partner cinemas in all the biggest cities of Estonia and in most smaller cinemas all over Estonia.
Forum Cinemas AS