Family film
The Dragon Spell
The Dragon Spell (2016)
Release Date 10.03.2017

In an age of monsters and heroes, the lines between the human and magic worlds are blurred. The kingdom of Kiev is being held under siege by a ferocious and unstoppable dragon. Only a hero named Cyril Tanner is able to defeat the beast, but the dragon’s spirit lives on. A magical flower, the Fire Blossom, is the only thing that could bring the dragon back to life, but the flower is well hidden and the spirit is instead forced to possess the body of the Fire Blossom’s guardian, the good witch Siringa. Adler the wizard, tries to save the good witch from such a fate, but to no avail. With a heavy heart, Adler has no choice but to use his magic to seal the dragon-possessed witch inside the dragon’s lair. He doesn’t see Siringa’s baby daughter crawl away…

The years go by and the dragon becomes a mere legend. Cyril retires as a hero and starts a family. The elder of his two sons, Bogdan, is a brawny lad any father would be proud of, while his younger son, Nicky, is the runt of the litter. Nicky dreams of adventure and of becoming a dragon slayer just like his father in the old stories. While pretending to be a dragon slayer one day, Nicky accidentally damages the dragon skin his father kept as a souvenir all those years ago. His father is disappointed, and Nicky feels smaller than ever. Cyril hopes that Nicky will one day learn what it truly means to be a hero.

Adler the wizard is training his apprentice, a bat named Eddie, who lacks the talent to even master a simple levitation spell! Adler panics when he looks up and sees the Red Comet. He knows that this fiery ball of doom has the power to make the Fire Blossom bloom once more and bring the dragon back to life. It will spell disaster for all the land! Adler sends for Cyril the hero to return, who reluctantly rides out to save the day once again. But Nicky secretly follows him, ready to go on an adventure himself! Nicky befriends Eddie the apprentice, but just when Nicky’s big dreams combine with Eddie’s ambition, Eddie accidentally sends both of them through the magical gateway into the world of magic. Even worse, they’re stuck there! Cyril and Adler are left behind in the human world, helpless. Now it’s up to Nicky and Eddie to get to that Fire Blossom and save the world! A wannabe hero and a bumbling magician…what could possibly go wrong?

Release Date: 10.03.2017
Length: 1h 25 min
Director: Depoyan Manuk, Viktor Andrienko
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